The idea for a museum was formed in the 1970's when an attempt
to get the old Central Roadhouse designated as a historic building
failed. It was then decided to clear some land and build another
building to be used to house artifacts that represented the
history of this historic gold mining area.

Frank & Mary Warren, Ed & Ginny Gelvin, and Pat Oakes were
major contributors to this effort.  The paperwork was set in process,
to form a non-profit entity and apply for matching grants. In the
late 1970's, the land was cleared, trees harvested, logs stripped,
and a building was erected - all with the labor local volunteers.

Still today, thirty plus years later, our museum is operated and
maintained through the efforts of a community that is proud of
it's history and wants to preserve it for future generations. All
the displays and artifacts were donated and are maintained
solely by local residents of Central and Circle Hot Springs.


University of Alaska Fairbanks - Oral History Program
(Project Jukebox)

Laurel Tyrrell of Central produced the portion of this project relating to
the Central/Circle Hot Springs area.  Please take a few minutes to visit
the link below and listen to the stories and words of some of the people
that lived, worked, and played in this area.  Their memories are full of the
history of our diverse community in the wilderness of Alaska.





For those with a dial-up or slower connection, please use the "Small Photos"
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